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Hey I'm Claire, currently 16 years of age I like food, girls, boys, drugs, video games, and cheer. I'm a junior and very good at making an ass out myself in my spare time. snacpchat me at cbbabee

hold up



okay. I found this website that has a collection of people who made their prom outfits out of duct tape, yes, DUCT TAPE.

i meanimage

can we all just take a moment


to appreciate all of the hard workimage

that must have gone into these outfits


like damn, that is a lot of duct tape and dedication

good job guys

There is actually a competition run by duck tape for the best duck tape prom dress and suit. I believe the winner gets like a ton of scholarship money!

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when the back of my neck gets tickled

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That was all I wanted. What was promised.

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